Hannah's Story
As a writer I love to see how books can help people with their reading. One parent wrote to me and told me how reading The Dopple Ganger Chronicles had helped her daughter. I am really proud to publish Hannah's work on my website. This is what her Mum wrote. You can read the chapter she wrote below - well done Hannah  - you are now a published author.
"Hannah has severe dyslexia, as expected Hannah finds reading and writing a challenge and is generally reluctant to read books at all. However following your visit to her school, when you kindly gave each child “The Dopple Ganger Chronicles”, Hannah grasped this book proceeded to read it cover to cover then wrote a chapter with her own ending. Astonished teachers asked Hannah to read the final paragraphs in the “Sharing Assembly” where parents and carers join the school for the end of week assembly. It was a moving experience for us as parents.
Since then Hannah has developed her reading and writing skills to such a point where she no longer needs extra support in these lessons, she is a member of the library and is no longer frightened of using the computer to find out more information about her favourite subjects, Egyptians, archaeology and Dr Who!!"

The Thulak

It was
nighttime in a small town near Robin Hood's Bay.  It was quiet then there was a bang and people came out of their homes. They all looked up.

The Thulak towered over the cowering, frightened people.  His red eyes pierced down on them, his teeth like razor-sharp bullets.  His body was darkest black and he wore a long cloak down tohis ankles.  His hair was brightest orange.  The Thulak ate one hundred people a day and he also enjoyed munching on animals.  He came out at night to terrorise people.  He had lived for thousands of years.

The townsfolk screamed and fled towards the mountains, trampling each other on their way.

Standing on the hillside, Kitty was waiting for the right moment to work her magi.  Her wizard father had taught her all she knew.

She gathered up all her powers and pointed her wand at the Thulak.

There was a flash of lightning and the sky went black.  The Thulak let out a shriek and a dark cloud of dust covered the town for a few moments.

Then the sun came out, the birds began to tweet and the people went back to their houses.

They were free of the Thulak who was never seen again.

by Hannah Gerard

The Dopple Ganger

I knew you could do it. To follow me across the battlements.

So it was you who left the golden key.

Yes. Now find the door and you will in the find more than just money left beyond the the door and all will be clear...

Find the dark corridor and the door wich has the golden lock you will find what you have been looking for.

Don’t go I need to talk to you!

She did that to me once.

Saskia rushed to the dark gloomy corridor were she found the dark door with the golden lock she pushed with all her strength and turned the door noble the door screech open  with a bang and there it was...

There was lots and lots of money but Saskia looked around the room  and on the far side of the room there was a dusty old door she approached  it and it opened it then she shore what she was looking for and ran to.

“Look Muzz Elliott look”.

Saskia had found three golden doves one for each of them and one more thing just for Saskia and Sadie it was a picture of their mother and a ticket to go to see their mother whenever they wanted.
“ I take it they are here?”

Yes and they shall stay her with me  now tell Miss Rimmer that she needs to come and see me in the morning and I will adopted  all three of them  tomorrow and I will not let anything stop me  at all and tell Miss Rimmer.

“Milk or tea anyone it has been a strange and exciting night but all is well for now...”

 By Hannah Gerard


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