Author accused of scaring children
Wednesday, 26 September 2007
How do you get children reading???    

Terrify them...

An international best selling author named by the BBC as the 'new' CS Lewis, has found a frightening new way of getting children to read more books - by telling spooky tales that make the hair stand on end ...and his one hour performance has proven a hit with children and teachers. This controversial way of encouraging children to read has taken the West Country by storm this week. Dark, sinister tales that even made one teacher in Romsey scream and throw her clipboard in the air in fright are getting children excited about reading. The tour continues next week in London visiting some of the countries most prestigious schools.
GP Taylor spends three months every year touring the UK with his free author workshops. When he saw that some kids were switched off to reading he decided to frighten them into action. This year, Taylor is using ghost stories  to get their attention and it is really working with hair raising results.
Taylor said, 'I have been so impressed with the results I am going to write a book of the ghost stories I have used with a forward about how to be a story teller.'
One school said - 'we have never seen anyone get the children's attention so quickly - quite scary ...really...' Others have been overwhelmed by his way of encouraging children to read and children have been completely enthralled. (schools can be contacted for feedback at 1 below.)
He will be touring the rest of the UK in weeks to come...
The response has been amazing... you are welcome to come along and see Taylor's Terrifying Tales...
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