Scarborough Treasure Hunt
Monday, 10 September 2007

On the 8th of September 2007, the Victorian seaside town of Scarborough will played host to a spectacular Treasure Hunt - just like in the book Mariah Mundi and The Midas Box. Readers of GP Taylor hungry to get an autograph had to track the author down, hiding somewhere in the town.

Rather than have a long queue for a book signing, clues were given on a treasure map and super sleuths could find the answers in the pages of the book. The trail lead to the author and to The Midas Box. Fans had a chance to turn their maps into unique prizes worth thousands of pounds.
Prizes included valuable original manuscripts worth thousands of pounds, limited edition books, games, toys and meals out.

Mr. Taylor said: "There's been a fantastic response.  People have come from all over the country to be here today. We've had visitors from Bournemouth, Nottingham, Durham, Doncaster, Perth, Rotherham, Halifax and Hull as well as lots of people from Scarborough of course. Scarborough's a wonderful town and it's great that so many people took time to follow the clues and the map to come and find me - 483 people did the treasure hunt and I signed 550 books."


Autographed Copies

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