The Curse of Salamander Street
The mind-blowing, much-anticipated sequel to the international bestseller, Shadowmancer.

They thought it was over. But can evil ever be destroyed?

Kate and Thomas have escaped the sorcerer Demurral and sailed to London with Jacob Crane. But once there, their ship is seized and they are lured into the dark heart of the city. Further north, Raphah and Beadle set off on a terrifying journey in search of their friends. A journey haunted by mysterious enemies and a shadowy beast.

But all paths are destined to lead to one place. A cursed street, hidden from the world - a place where souls are lost, fates are decided and old enemies have their revenge.

"Fans won't be disappointed by The Curse Of Salamander Street. There is a real joie-de-vivre about the writing: and though the book begins in a very dark vein, it gradually becomes lighter, funnier and more quirky, filled with tales and legends from our national folklore."

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Stephen Lewis
Yorkshire Evening Press

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