Wormwood . . . the bright star shall fall from the sky . . . and many will die from its bitterness . . .

It is London, 1756. In his Bloomsbury attic sits Dr Sabian Blake - astronomer, scientist, and master of the Kabbalah. Dr Blake is in possession of the Nemorensis, an ancient leather-bound book that holds the secrets of the universe. Scribbled into one of its margins is a mysterious prophecy and deciphering it could prove the key to saving London from a catastrophic fate. But there are others interested in the Nemorensis too, for more sinister reasons . . .

This tale of sorcery, treachery, intrigue and supernatural strife is set against a rich historical backdrop and will enthral readers to the very last page.

"Wormwood stands alone. It is breathtaking in scope, and I felt in safe hands throughout. It's an extraordinary achievement told by, yes, a master storyteller. In just 312 pages, GP Taylor has created a world that he can just as easily destroy. The book is, quite simply, marvellous."


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Mariah MundiPurchasing from the official GP Taylor website is the only way you can be assured of a genuine autographed copy. GP Taylor will personalise your book just for you. Learn more.
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